January 22, 2012

I Want to Be in it With You Aaron Pritchett Single- review

aaronpritchett cd cover in the drivers seat

Aaron Pritchett has converted this rocker at heart to a closet Country listener (but only ‘the best of the genre’) and so I’ve been waiting forever! for I Want To Be In It With You to make its way off his current album, In The Driver’s Seat and on to radio! Today’s the day! So it’s only fitting for me to write about what I consider to be THE best song on the album (and of course my favorite). Possibly its my favorite because it was inspired by something Pritchett’s young son said at the time, but I think it’s my favorite because it’s such an amazingly well written song… it was co-written by Willie Mack but it’s just ‘so’ much Aaron. It’s a tender ballad that highlights Aaron’s voice which is strong and melodic. I like that the tempo of the song allows Pritchett to sing softer without feeling like he’s vocally stalling out.. the background vocals are all male which I think fits the song better than female voices would. It’s emotional without being sappy.It’s believable to hear Pritchett sing this when you know that he wrote it based on his own emotions rather than an idea (heart vs head), or written by a hired writer (as many Country songs seem to be these days).

The song speaks of being together in many different circumstances both good and bad – one of my favorite lines:

And when there’s storms along the way
You’re more than stretched and feel like you could break
I’ll hold you together baby in my arms…..
When someone gets to share your life
I want to be that lucky guy

Through thick or thin, I’ll be by your side… love will conquer without being trite or overblown. This song is as real as it gets. And still my favorite. It will be fantastic to hear it on the airwaves of my local Country Radio station as of today. Finally. Thankfully.

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Found it on Grooveshark! Listen up before its pulled.
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