January 29, 2012

Seether debut No Resolution -song review

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Seether Debut No Resolution and its
more grown up and cleaner

“No Resolution” is the 3rd single off Seether‘s new album, Holding Onto Strings Better Left To Fray. It’s short – too short – but they’ve packed a whole lot of content into a 3 minute song.

“No Resolution” starts out quite different than any previous Seether song and you might catch yourself wondering, ‘have they gone Pop?” but no worries, 15 seconds in you’ll be nailed with full on guitar and drum blasts to blow your head open. Shaun Morgan’s vocals are spot on – clear, crisp and powerful and compliment the lyrics to perfection.

Gone is the dark anger and angst of Seether‘s previous album, replaced by a more mature (but just as introspective) cleaner feel. The lyrics are just as questioning but there is a feeling of lightness here, of accepting people (and yourself) for what you are – “you can’t keep me down my friend, I’m doing fine, even though this hatred plagues my mind.”  The anger is replaced by letting go, and it sounds good.

The bridge is somewhat reminiscent of the band’s song Fake It, but only for a brief bar or two – the bridge gives a nice little respite from the heavy guitars/drums but then kicks you right back into it. Seether is growing up, both lyrically and musically and this song is chock full of great stuff.

Check out the band’s lyrics video for “No Resolution” below.

Seether is Shaun Morgan (vocals), Dale Stewart (bass), and John Humphrey (drums)


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