January 31, 2012

Shinedown Amaryllis CD Pre-review


Let me just preface this review by saying – THIS IS BRILLIANT! Not sure what I’m talking about? Hover your mouse over the **image above and watch the magic of technology combined with the innovation of Shinedown… one reason I love this band so much! Innovation, originality, freshness, true to themselves.

(**if the image doesnt work for you – head to and try it there)


Okay -on to the pre-review! (and keep in mind each song snippet is only about 15 seconds long!)

Amaryllis (Title Track)
Strong vocals, good intro building into a sweeping melody with drums booming at about 10 seconds in. I think this will be one of my favorite songs, as I like it right from the get-go. The lyrics are promising from the intro – seem positive and uplifting.
(*edit – definitely not my favorite track 🙂 )

Holy cow- the snippet shows this is gonna be a kick ass, head banging hard rock song. Perfect for a live show, or a good round on the punching bag to relieve some heavy frustration or just fire up the workout. The bass line stands out on this snippet for me.

Another kick to the gut song – the snippet is waaaay too short 😉 Hard rock, as hard as Adrenaline, but a different feel to it – tough, mean, will be interesting to hear the rest!

Nowhere Kids
hm…. look out people! The dreaded F Bomb (which Shinedown only use when needed for emphasis and attention to something important, as opposed to dropping it all the time just because). Number 3 heavy metal rock song… this album is going to be harder, tougher, more intense that Sound of Madness methinks!

I’m Not Alright
I LOVE THIS song already! Seriously. Piano, drums punctuating Brent Smith’s vocals, very sharp, crisp, and seems to be very heart felt – in the same vein as Crow and Butterfly but harder edged I think

Through the Ghost
Ooooh like how this one sounds! Very mysterious like the title… Brent’s vocals are enhanced by the other guys singing briefly.. short snippets are so teasing! Big booming Tomm drums I think? Barry Kerch Boom!

Bully – click on the middle of the graphic for a link to Bully the video – its a good song and has been released as the first single, but since hearing the new snippets, it won’t be my favorite from this album.

Keyboards begin this softer song… and very ethereal background vocals, until it kicks into full gear -piano is still very prominent and I love it!
(*edit def my favorite song now that I’ve heard the entire song)

I predict my favorite song will be either Unity or I’m Not Alright and that this will change! The more I listen to the album the more I know I’m going to hear little things in the words, the sentiments, the stories, the vocals, the music.. its going to change for me as the last Shinedown album did! I do know that this is going to be a wicked album, and as good as Sound of Madness was (it was good – I’m STILL listening to it!) Amaryllis is going to be better. (it is!) Might even blow the last album out of the water – this band is all about raising the personal bar and keeping it fresh.



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