January 3, 2012

Shinedown Bully new single review

shinedown bully

Bully is Shinedown’s newest single, coming off their yet to be released new album, Amaryllis (due out sometime in March we hear)

The song starts by kicking ass right out of the gate with a heavy metal rock riff and far off gang vocals. Singer Brent Smith jumps into the first verse with some heavy hitting lyrics – and the way they are sung makes one imagine that the scenario being sung about  has been experienced by Smith on a personal level (*edit guitarist Zach Myers posted on his FB page that indeed he and Smith have endured being bullied as youth in middle school. Read more from Zach himself Here )

One lyric that stands out this quickly into the song :
We all know that life aint fair
But there’s more of us we’re everywhere
We don’t have to take this
Back against the wall
We don’t have to take this
We can end it all

Safety in numbers, safety in reporting bullies and taking away their power. The message is clear.

The chorus boasts chilling gang vocals which are brought to the forefront rather than muted as they are at the song intro – the voices seem to symbolize standing up to bullying as a group rather than an individual.

I feel the past I share the bruise
With everyone who’s come and gone
My head is clear my voice is strong
Now I’m right here to right the wrong

The chorus morphs into the bridge with a wailing guitar solo from Myers and Boom! Barry Kerch on the drums. Forceful vocals by Smith punctuate the kick in the gut feeling this song is bringing to me. But its the underlying bass line that is what’s making my heart flutter, and giving me a sense of trepidation and butterflies in the stomach like when you know something is about to happen. Its ovewhelming, and over too soon at the same time and the song ends with a bang not a whimper as the band closes it out full tilt both musically and lyrically… we dont have to take this.

This song aint not fluffy anthem – it grips you by the head rather than the heartstrings – stand up for yourself, dont let someone else push you around and make you feel like a nothing… stand together and end bullying. This song is going to be on heavy rotation on my player.


*from Zach’s story:
Bullying in those days weren’t as bad as it has gotten now. There are kids who TAKE THEIR OWN LIVES. because they feel there is now way out! . .I promise there are more of US people who got picked on or ridiculed than there are of THEM . And im not saying start fights or start a war. But STAND UP! if you know someone getting bullied or your kids are bullying someone ELSE. Get involved! This HAS to stop! . . . and to the Bullied . . YOU are the answer. . Stand up! and make an effort to ignore anything and everything hurled your way. . I was there too. . and I made it out alive. . And I look at these people now. . And watched most of them on their long journey to the middle! . . Be a leader. . .You WILL make it out Alive! . . .Stronger . . and better than you were before.

But you have to stand up.
It starts with you!

“We don’t have to take this. . . Back against the Wall. . . We don’t have to take this. . WE can end it all” . . .


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