April 2, 2012

Glo No One Hears Me

When last we spoke to GLo, they were just about to tour on their first album, On the Outside. Fast forward a year later, and the band has a new offering, No One Hears Me, a solid 5 song EP.

Don’t Believe starts out with booming kettle drum echos in the far background . Rick Cordi vocals have a harder edge to them than I remember from their previous album, and I like how he sounds.  The drums are quite pronounced and punctuate not only the vocals, but the words. Relationship gone wrong is the song’s narrative, but rather than questioning the validity of one leaving, there is more of a gritty ‘kick it to the curb’ attitude.. love this song and love how it ends abruptly.Title track, No One Hears Me, starts out darker than the previous song, and the guitar work is reminiscent of early Collective Soul (Skin) in the intro. After the first verse, the song changes into the chorus to have more a Pop feel to it.  Despite the upbeat feeling of the song after the first verse, the lyrics are somewhat sad and self pitying. Despite the use of lyrics like ‘useless’ and ‘hopeless’ the song itself is not hopeless.. it’s almost an anthem song. Stating a fact and asking WTF? at the same time. Interesting song that bears replaying.

Falling into You is definitely the most Rock sounding song on the EP and although it’s good, No One Hears Me is still ringing in my head. The bridge to Falling into You is reminiscent of Mobile/Mat Joly with a very echo/ethereal quality to it (mini flash back). I do love how the backing vocals are less intense but just as easily heard. A hard core intense love song and great guitar solo kick out the middle of the song and keep it interesting and sharp.

Come Around is a melancholy lament of lost love but is in no way maudlin or boring. Acoustic guitar compliments the sentiments in the song and really sets the mood. More a song of questioning love than a ballad or heart break song, I like it.. and my first thought was it would have been the better song to end the album with – second thought is that it would have been too hopeless of an ending for the relationship theme that runs throughout the 5 songs.

Into My Arms begins softly and piques my curiosity.A definite ballad but no less powerful than the other songs on the album, it has heart and depth both lyrically and musically. Again Cordi’s vocals are sharp and crisp and melodic. Backing vocals add depth and interest as does the very prominent single drum beats in the verses. This is THE song to end on. The sentiment is one of love not won but not lost either.. of promise and hopefulness.

glo band pr shot

All in all this is a great EP to add to your collection. Rick Cordi has solid clear vocals in each song, and Eddie Mazzola backs him up smoothly and flawlessly to produce a harmonious track to each tune. Doing double duty on guitars, keyboards and bass, Mazzola’s musicianship is solid. With Patrick Rowan on drums this three piece is full of big sound. This album is a ‘grower.’ You will have to listen to it a few times to get a feel for how it all fits together (and it does, perfectly).

No One Hears Me is due out to CD Baby and iTunes April 20, as well as The Band’s own website.


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