October 1, 2012

Power of Positive Drinking Trews new single


Power of Positive Drinking is  the brand new single hitting radio today! The first single is off The Trews new acoustic EP, Thank You and I’m Sorry, due out later this fall.  We’ve had a listen and can say this – this is straight up Trews all the way.

Despite being ‘acoustic’, guitars by John-Angus MacDonald are twangy, full bodied and with that Rock edge we’ve come to expect. Lead vocals from brother Colin MacDonald are sharp, clear and slightly breathless as he spits out more lyrics in one song, than most bands could sing in two. (A tried and trew Trews trait). Drum beats from Sean Dalton are slightly more staccato in this stripped down song, which leaves Jack Syperek‘s bass a little more pronounced than usual – a good thing. Syperek is one of the most underrated bassists in Canadian Rock, in our opinion. Keyboards and raw gang vocals complete the harmony in the bridge of the song.

As for the song sentiment – we leave that to you to decipher.. lyrics are our ‘thing’ and what we take out of this song isnt necessarily what you will take from it. Chances are you’ll interpret it differently after hearing it a few times!

Listen for the new single on Rock radio, and watch for the Trews acoustic tour this fall, including a detour to Australia.


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