December 13, 2012

A New Tomorrow burn Brighter than the Sun


Sometimes a really good band finds me quite by chance… A New Tomorrow is such a band. They were determined to not only follow me on Twitter, but get my attention – and did so with witty conversational tweets to me, as well as the basics that I look for and drive me crazy when I cant find them: a link to their website, a good band bio, and a band photo! Yes people.. I want to know what you look like. (at first glance the band photo gives me flashbacks of Dave Grohl Foo Fighters (Andrea Lonardi), Theory of a Deadman’s Tyler Connolly (Alessio Garavello), Greenday’s Mike Dirnt (Ed Cooper) and Phil Collen Def Leppard (Tim Hall) )

Based out of the UK, A New Tomorrow is a gritty looking four piece with a rock edge I find quite appealing. Despite their new EP, Incandescent, being only a 3 track offering, the band wastes no time showing what they’re made of. They’ve chosen the best sounds, best songwriting, and best ideas to spotlight their musical chops.

Opening track, Brighter than the Sun, is a snappy, melodic rock tune that starts out soft and builds to a soaring chorus, which sticks in your head after the first listen. Killer drums (Tim Hall) are prevalent throughout the tune but don’t overpower Alessio Garavello’s vocals, which are clear and crisp. Well written lyrics set a ‘mood’ in this song.. something which seems almost a lost art form these days. Of the three tracks, this is by far my favorite and choosing it as opening track was a good move – Brighter than the Sun engages you and draws you in to keep listening.

Love Utopia is the middle child… stubborn, a little angry; pushing its way to the forefront. Heavier guitars (Ed Cooper) and bass line (Andrea Lonardi) dominate this tune’s opening bars. Garavello stretches his upper range with bits of falsetto -what stands out is how perfectly the lyrics match the tune.. the way both meld together in the ups and downs to become ‘one’. The middle child has my full attention.

What They Cant Steal From You kicks you in the gut with a one -two wallop of solid near-metal guitars, and a killer clear vocals from Garavello. Shades of Tool’s Forty Six and Two in the first 10 seconds of bass line opens into flat out A New Tomorrow uniqueness. All four band members share their talents in perfect proportions for a solid finish to the EP, which leaves me wanting more.

Head to the band’s Website for the entire Incandescent 3 track EP (decent length clips) to get a feel for their style. Check out their personal bios (Big Bang Theory, Lord of the Rings, Division Bell, Vancouver!) -the band is as well rounded in their personal interests as they are as a band, which also raised the interest factor for me. As stated earlier, the band is also very active on Twitter and with the overall attitude AND talent of this band, expect to hear more, soon!

Our score: 4.5/5

(see Italian Translation courtesty of the band HERE)

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  1. Matteo

    Hey guys I would like to let you know they even sell the Incandescent EP CD!
    You can find it at their gigs or by contacting them from their website.
    Great Band! \m/
    Great Review! \m/

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  4. Francine

    Saved as a favorite, I love your website!

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