August 5, 2013

The Last Sun – Self Titled from Dave Nugent


Dave Nugent, known to most as Nuge, guitarist for Sam Roberts Band, has been writing music since the age of 17, and during a hiatus with the SRB recently, got his tunes together and put them into a stunning 4 song EP called The Last Sun. (Self Titled btw).

Opening with Such a Fan, track one sets the tone for the entire EP – kick ass, groovy, hip and fresh, this aint no 4 beat Rock and Roll tune. Not that there’s anything wrong with Rock tunes 🙂 but this is so dissimilar to what you would expect Nugent to produce with SRB that it’s a pleasant surprise. The lyrics are intriguing and thought provoking – are they written from a personal perspective or from a third party observation? We are never sure!

I Don’t Need a Lotta Love is nearly a ballad but not quite… a little bluesy in the feel and a little sadder lyrics – an observation of a relationship ending but with a twist – the fellow in the song isn’t feeling as heart broken as one would expect. Or is he? Dave Nugent’s vocals are crisp and clear and surprisingly strong and melodic. He’s got a great voice.

Wind Up Dead is a snappy tune; upbeat tempo that belies the somewhat down beat lyrics. Nugent is an accomplished guitarist with Sam Roberts Band and this song really lets his talent on the strings shine through.

You Had Forever is the EP closer and is the softest song of the four.. Dave’s vocals are lighter in texture, higher in pitch, and the song evokes a powerful ethereal mood as you listen. Drum beats permeate the chorus as do guitar riffs and stronger vocals. This is the sort of song that you need to listen to a few times, and make up your own mind what it is speaking to you.

All in all, this is a stunning first piece of work by an established musician. Dave Nugent has the talent to make this album both well written, and well played musically, and it’s the sort of album you can listen to over and over, and in a variety of moods – and you will always find a new gem with each listen.

Check it out on Soundcloud and yes! The EP is available on iTunes! Find The Last Sun website HERE

The Last Sun (song) -listen here:

We give The Last Sun 8.5/10 !!

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