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September 19, 2013

Pearl Jam Sirens video released


Pearl Jam’s new video for Sirens, the second single from the band’s forthcoming new album, Lightning Bolt, was unveiled today.

Shot in a live setting, it’s a departure on the usual lyrics videos, animated videos or ‘storyline’ videos we’ve seen from other bands in the last little while, and is a welcome change.

Eddie Vedder sounds amazing in this video.. the song is powerful, haunting, emotional without being an anthem song. The band is stellar too… each member doing his part with passion and ease. The guitar solo in the bridge adds a depth to the song, and when Vedder chimes in with his own guitar, it just seals the deal for the ears and heart strings. THIS is what music is.

The video was directed by acclaimed rock photographer and director Danny Clinch. The band’s new album, Lightening Bolt, is due out October 14 and will be the 10th studio record of the band’s career.

Pearl Jam are on tour shortly with their first stop October 11 in Pittsburg. The band has a stop in Vancouver December 4, and Calgary December 2.


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