November 15, 2013

Fun with Brownlee, Blaine and Ruttan on the Road YTTD

chad brownlee jason blaine deric ruttan your town throwdown michelle fayant photo

Deric Ruttan, Jason Blaine and Chad Brownlee have teamed up and are currently on tour with Your Town Throwdown across Canada.

We caught up to them in Kelowna the other day, and had so much fun with these three Country artists that we decided to share the audio instead of writing up an interview!

There are 5 short clips for an interview of about 10 minute or less, and they’re chalk full of humour, insight, laughs and down to earth-ed-ness. Hope you enjoy it as much as we did!

YTTD Part 1 – we asked the guys to describe the tour so far and were hit with the Bra Bar!


YTTD Part 2 – tour highs


YTTD Part 3 – we asked the guys what they think of the state of country music at present – old country vs ‘new’ country and the polarization of fans and stars to one side or the other:


YTTD Part 4 – What are their thoughts on pickup trucks, red solo cups, bonfires, tailgates and girls in red dresses – the current trend to write party songs and summer anthem songs


YTTD Part 5 – the wrap up – a few more laughs, some great info about each solo artist’s new album and singles and thats all folks.


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