February 17, 2014

Brett Kissel belts it out at the Parrot


WE had the great fortune to interview up and coming Country artist Brett Kissel a few weeks ago about his biggest influences, his new album, and current tour, and were invited by Brett to come see him play with One More Girl in our town. Of course we said yes!

Brett and One More Girl have been co-headlining on this tour, playing sold out venues across Canada and had stops in Kelowna, Vancouver’s Commodore Ballrooom, and the Barking Parrot in Penticton – the same stage that one of Brett’s biggest influencers, Aaron Pritchett, played on last summer. Despite iffy weather, we made the 2 hr trek, and are so glad we did!

The band took a few moments to warm up, finding their spots as the house MC introduced Brett who bounded on stage with a smile as big as the Alberta skies, welcoming us all for coming out. Lighting into song right off, the few girls up front sang along eliciting anther smile from the 23 yr old singer. Before the next song, Kissel took a few moments to invite more of the crowd up to the front and everyone moved up 10 paces to get cozy.

Comfortable in jeans, boots, black hat and rolled up shirt sleeves, Kissel posed for various photos from people up front, never missing a beat of his guitar licks or singing. Each song had a brief introduction enough to give us a piece of history about it, but quick enough to keep the party going. Even the softer songs had kick butt chorus’ and the crowd sang louder with each passing song. Kissel has a nice way about him – good clean fun while keeping the crowd engaged. His song lyrics have depth (he’s been songwriting since the age of 12) and he is a consummate performer. The show was a smash success!

Fans had a chance to meet Brett after the show, as he stayed to sign autographs and take photos with people at the merch table – always nice to see!  We had a great entertaining fun evening.

Brett singing I’ve Got Country in my Blood

Find Brett on his site, or on Twitter where he is very (personally) active.


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