February 18, 2014

Jason Blaine Friends of Mine

jason blaine friends of mine

Last time we saw Jason Blaine he was hooked up with 2 very questionable characters for the Your Town Throwdown tour – friends Chad Brownlee and Deric Ruttan. Blaine has teamed up with them again as well as Gord Bamford and Jason McCoy for his brand new video out today!

Friends of Mine is a great song! Feel good song without the cliche phrases so often heard in Country music today and the video is a hoot! Shot at the West Edmonton Mall (we recognize that pirate ship!) and other wintery Alberta locations, it features a few under cover characters, street hockey, fans of all ages, and is great fun.

Have a listen, look and share – and hit up Jason on Facebook, and Twitter for more info.

3.5/5 ©nightMair Creative all rights reserved

jason blaine and friends



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