June 25, 2014

Frankie McQueen Nightride

Nightride Album Cover

Frankie McQueen Nightride written by Kali Nelson

Calgary bluesy-rockers Frankie McQueen have upped their game with their latest creation, Nightride, released June 13th. Recorded and produced by Kirill Telichev, the 6 song EP manages to evolve from previous work while still keeping that edgy and unique Frankie McQueen sound. It’s brash, entertaining, and will undoubtedly be stuck in your head for days. Immediately grabbing your attention, the first track “Mama Told Me” sets a bold tone for the rest of the songs. It’s the kind of song you want to hear first on a setlist, as it will get even the most reluctant, toe tapping. It shows the band’s desire for a more raw, reckless sound this time around. “Do You Think I’m Ready?” slows things down slightly, the teasing lyrics brought to life by vocalist Scott Charles. It’s dark and defiant, and provides a great setting for the more stimulating and gritty third track, “Nightmare.” “No, It’s A Cardigan (But Thanks For Noticing)” is a title you’ve just got to be curious about. It demands a listen, and is worth the effort. Spiraling gradually into some of the most edgy lines in the EP, such as “my lies they give me shelter so that’s how we get along,” it is a spike in energy before the following song’s descent into introspection. “What I’ve Become” is a standout with soul-searching lyrics that dig into relationship dynamics and failed expectations. The haunting, nearly confused piano towards the end is a nice touch. This isn’t the kind of song you’ll dance to this summer, but it’s a vulnerable few minutes of music definitely worth your undivided attention. The closing song, “Take Me Home,” swings back into the punchy guitar and wild energy that Frankie McQueen fans love. It’s just fun. This is another song that will rile up the crowd in a live show – and there will be plenty of that during the band’s Canadian tour this summer/fall. Nightride is fresh and brazen, an unflinching expansion in the band’s sound. Far from falling flat, this return from Frankie McQueen is the kind of album you’ll have to put on repeat. Do your music collection a solid by downloading Nightride HERE, and if you’re in Kelowna, Frankie McQueen will be singing to the masses at the Canada Day celebrations. Find the band on their: Website Twitter Facebook ©nightMair Written by Kali Nelson



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