July 21, 2014

Just Drive – Austin Belle video review

Austin Belle Just Drive

Country duo Austin Belle are taking their genre by storm these days! Fresh off a Canadian tour where they played house concerts for a host of contest winners, their new single Just Drive is already a fan favourite. It’s getting good radio play as well across the country, and today the video is out!

Just Drive is a catchy tune you’ll find yourself humming later today guaranteed and the video echoes the fun, snappy feel of the song. “Two-tone Chevy on the blacktop” indeed! A few twists and turns in the story of the video, and we had to laugh at the mailbox segment – took us back to our teen years where, indeed many of our neighbours ended up sans mailboxes!

Love the vintage feel to the video, almost like watching an old colour film that has lost its saturation, and Stacey McKitrick and Jesse Wainwright have a definite chemistry together. They’re bringing FUN back into country music and its refreshing to see! Take a look and listen, let us know what you think.


You can find Austin Belle on Twitter and Facebook where they’re very active with fans! And you can find Just Drive on iTunes.

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