March 22, 2015

Dallas Smith Lifted Video review

dallas smith lifted nightmair creative 2

Dallas Smith
written by Andy Knopp

Canadian country star Dallas Smith has released a new video single from his latest album “Lifted“, the follow up to last years hit “Wastin’ Gas“, and its very different.

The single’s video is starkly different from the outset, with a minute long intro that comes across more Cohen brothers than Country. Unlike the video for Wastin’ Gas, Dallas Smith doesn’t show his face save for a quick appearance at the 2 minute mark and at the end.

The story instead focuses on a sinister looking Luchador in one of the more unique video offerings I’ve seen in country music. The video isn’t a literal interpretation of the song which I find refreshing, nor does it feature typical bar, booze and babes of most bro-country videos of late. Dallas’ tale of young love has it’s fair share of country cliches but also plays with some interesting imagery I haven’t heard/seen before. This song takes things up a notch tempo wise, and finds itself in a nice sing-along zone that is sure to be another hit for Dallas Smith.

Watch the video before everyone else at CMT Canada!

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