March 23, 2015

Emerson Drive Who We Are video review

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Lyrics videos are all the rage right now, and it makes sense – its easier to put together than a traditional video and gets the music to your fans faster. As someone who doesn’t really hear the lyrics of a song till the 17th listen, I like having the lyrics presented to me visually.

Many lyric videos have now become full-blown productions. Clever, pushing the envelope, visual masterpieces. Emerson Drive does not choose this direction for their new lyric video ‘Who we are‘. And they shouldn’t!

Who We Are (the song) is all about being regular, down to earth guys who “save their nickels in a jar in case of rainy days“. Maybe they could have saved more of their nickels for the video, but it would have been contrary to the message of the song, and contrary to the band themselves. While it may not be one of the deepest tracks out there, the feel good, positive nature of the lyrics are a nice change in a genre loaded with pick up trucks and little red cups. Who we are‘ is the perfect sing-along, working class anthem made by a bunch of guys who, by the end of the video filled with candid, endearing shots of the band the way they really are (Who We Are), feel like they could be your best friends.

Keep your eyes peeled for their new album ‘Tilt a Whirl‘ our in April.

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Written by Andy Knopp



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