March 30, 2015

Ian Kelly I’m on Your Side

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Ian Kelly – I’m on your side
written by Andy Knopp

I’m On Your Side is a cut from 2013’s ‘All These Lines‘ the fourth album from Montreal singer/songwriter Ian Kelly. The ambient intro to this song that longs for lasting love belies the fairly standard arrangement that is to follow.

The mid tempo acoustic guitar strum, sticks with us the remainder of the song save for in the bridge. The addition of handclaps and glockenspiel further cement the unimaginative production on a song that threatens to blend into the glut of pop-folk acts that have emerged in recent years.

The message of the song however is fairly unique in my experience. The first verse tells of a relationship strained by debt and poor choices. An all too common trap found in today’s ‘buy now, worry later’ mindset. The song continues, perhaps too fast, to a happy ending, but the overall message is one I think many need to hear.

The song has every chance to be a hit but I fear will be lost amongst the plethora of acts who are walking down this very well trodden musical path.

Ian West is currently on tour in Eastern Canada, and hits Western Canada for six dates including Vancouver’s Railway Club May 1, and Kelowna’s Streaming Cafe May 2.  For more info about Ian Kelly find him on:


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written by Andy Knopp



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