April 8, 2015

Fleetwood Mac On with the Show On with Greatness

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Fleetwood Mac On with the Show, on with Greatness
written by Lisa Larson


April 4th saw the return of arguably one of the greatest rock bands of all time, Fleetwood Mac. Playing to a packed house where only 4 and ½ months earlier they had graced the stage of Vancouver’s Rogers Arena, Fleetwood Mac delivered an impeccable show. Early on in the show a heartwarming welcome from Mick Fleetwood and then Stevie Nicks directed to Christine McVie, cements the full and original lineup of the band since Stevie and Lindsey joining in 1974.

Starting out the show with the ever -catchy The Chain, Fleetwood Mac gave us a taste of everything from each of their albums, leading everyone on an adoring trip down memory lane.

Throughout the show, we get a taste of each member’s own accomplishments to the band’s repertoire; from Christine McVie’s Say You Love Me, Over My Head and Little Lies, to Stevie Nick’s haunting Gold Dust Woman, Rhiannon and Dreams. Interspersed throughout, Lindsey Buckingham showcases his talent by performing songs like Never Going Back Again, Tusk, and treating us to his amazing guitar work in numbers like Big Love and of course I’m So Afraid. Buckingham’s beautiful extended guitar solo, arguably one of the best since Pink Floyd’s Comfortably Numb, yet again brings the audience to their feet with a standing ovation and even some Wayne’s World bows.This solo is played impeccably, proving again not only is he one of the greatest guitarists in Rock and Roll, but regretfully the most underrated.

Then of course, there is Mick Fleetwood, who showcases his craft in a drum solo; eyes bulging, enthusiasm contagious he invites the audience to sing along in a call and answer. Later in the show he abandons his huge and impressive drum kit, moving to a smaller one closer to the other band members on stage. This provides a more acoustic feel to songs Never Going Back Again and Over My Head and keeps the audience entertained.

Last but not least there is John McVie who requires no flashy spotlight but is an integral backbone of the band. The scene is rounded out with 3 female backup singers swaying in time in a silhouette behind the band, along with a huge backdrop screen showing various scenes to compliment the songs. The audience enjoyed every minute.

It was not only on with the show, it was on with a taste of rock and roll history and something for everyone to keep in their golden memory books of time for years to come. Fleetwood Mac delivers and through their fine repertoire of work proves that they are indisputably one of the finest rock and roll bands of our time and one we will never tire of even if they were here a short time ago.

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written by Lisa Larson






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