April 13, 2015

Mumford and Sons Premier of Wolf

mumford and sons -wolf nightmair creative

Mumford and Sons Premier Wolf video
written by Andy Knopp

Mumford and Sons have shunned the banjo and gone electric. I can’t say I saw this coming. Their foot stomping folk brought old-timey music back to the masses and they would be forgiven if they rode that cash cow to their graves.

Even if the British quartet isn’t your cup of tea, you have to respect them for taking a pretty big risk with their forthcoming album ‘Wilder Mind‘. The new single ‘The Wolf‘ has been released as an unbelievably perfect live performance and really showcases their new sound.

The strong, simple song writing they are known for shines on this latest release. The uptempo track is reminiscent of the ‘Kings of Leon‘ Grammy winning album ‘Only by the Night‘ and based on this track I’d be surprised if it didn’t earn a nomination.

If this new album has as much influence as their previous efforts, we might see a certain crowd ditching their suspenders for leather jackets.

Check out Mumford and Sons new video/song Wolf HERE. 

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