April 14, 2015

Pigeon Park Walk Alone – song review


review by Diego Alberto Jimenez

Walk Alone‘ is the new single by Pigeon Park, and the song is filled with a high tone of passion, sadness, desire, pleasure, ecstasy, and awe. In few words, the song is emotional. This is something that the band really knows how to put together – Pigeon Park delivers a good song with this new single.

The song, ‘Walk Alone‘, is filled with both high and low guitar echoes that when combined with the bass and (especially) the drums, make it more emotive and pulsing.

Another amazing thing that Pigeon Park has done with this song, is to pause it in specific moments of time to keep you hanging, and continuing to listen to see what’s next, as the volume and beats grow. These little things all make ‘Walk Alone‘ into a very cool and likeable song.

As the song continues, the guitar riff adds an even more passionate tone, with the volume and resonance of the song growing as it progresses and to me this is the best part of the song.

The final beats of ‘Walk Alone‘ ends like a classic rock song – delivering a last tone of guitar, matched by singer Nick Webers’ final vocal.. both singer and guitar fade together into the end of the song.

The music of the song matches the tone of the lyrics. ‘Walk Alone‘ speaks to something we all have felt – the end of a relationship that isn’t working anymore. The only thing the two people in the broken relationship have in common, is the memory of each other.. nostalgia for the person they have had to just Walk Away from.

Pigeon Park has gained a new fan. I had never heard this band before, but after hearing this song and few others of them, I’m now a fan of the band. Not only for their music, but for the lyrics too. So if you are a fan, you know what I’m talking about, but if you haven’t, just relax, listen to the song and enjoy the ride.

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Written by Diego Alberto Jimenez



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