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April 11, 2015

The Glorious Sons Lightning Video Review

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The Glorious Sons ‘Lightning’
review by Diego Alberto Jimenez

The song ‘Lighting‘ from The Glorious Sons is a common metaphor in songs for the dark times people are living right now or to come, and how we must see the light to overcome it, but what makes this song and video good for the ear and eyes, is the band itself and how they play it up.

The mood of the song and video speaks of the darkness or sadness in people lives. Then as it progresses, the band ramps up the volume of the music, and the vocals fairly scream out to listeners that every single person has been or may be in dark times and must see the light(ning) that comes and goes, and grab onto it..  turn things from sadness to joy, and darkness to light. There is always hope.

The band and singer Brett Emmons capture perfectly the song with their newest video – they’ve nailed the mood and metaphor of the song. The end of the video is beautifully done; children are often the ones to see the light(ning) easily about things and overcome their fears, while grown-ups will see mostly the darkness, and try to protect their kids from it… but sometimes the kids are the ones who make you realize those good things.

The Glorious Sons have us going in a rock-on wild trip of emotions with both song and video – the video fits the song, and vice versa.   The heart of the song can be felt, showing why The Glorious Sons are different from most other Rock bands out there at present.  The way the band puts everything into this video is how they are live.. which makes the video believable and helps define their unique style.

Lightning‘ is from The Glorious Sons 2014 album, The Union. The Glorious Sons are currently setting their sights south of the border with a buzz building across the U.S. They just wrapped a coast-to-coast run with 10 Years and are planning their next national tour for the coming months.” *

Watch the video below, and enjoy!

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written by Diego Alberto Jimenez
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