June 30, 2015

Sam Roberts Counting the Days Trippy Past Present Future

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Woke up this morning to Facebook alerting me to a new post from the SRB. Checked it out and yes! Sam Roberts Band has a new video out today! Clocking in at nearly 8 minutes, Counting the Days is a psychedelic visual trip of past, present and future;  victory parades, troops off to war, and the arms race to space is shown in old news clips, movie reels, and directors Amit Dabrai and JM Chadillon own vision of what the song embodies. Interspersed with the hallucinatory background images is a ghostly Sam Roberts in negative relief, decked out in white shades and hoodie, his white moustache looking eerie against mushroom clouds (bombs), swimming protozoa and the birth (or death) of the universe behind him. 

In this age of instant gratification, is an 8 minute video (or song) over the top? Not at all! Proof positive in the fact that Montreal Rock station CHOM 97.7 recently played the entire song on air (in the day time), a fact not gone unnoticed by SRB guitarist Dave Nugent, who tweeted his thanks.

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Take a ‘trip’ with the Sam Roberts Band’s new video/song, Counting the Days. You may need to watch it a few times to catch everything.

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