June 2, 2015

Temples win me over

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Temples Review
written by Diego Alberto Jimenez

I arrived late, but by my surprise the first band hadn’t started. An hour or so later, the first band, Cult Babies started to play as I and many other people got closer to the stage.

After Cult Babies gave their last note, the audience applauded and cheered them as they made their way off stage. We liked them but we were impatient for the main band. After a brief break, what we had been waiting for. Temples!

People gathered closer and closer to the stage that had been empty minutes before. Now it was full and you barely could move. Suddenly, some of the audience started to scream like mad, and everyone looked to the right side stage and there they were; James, Thomas, Samuel, and Adam. Everybody clapped for them. Temples saluted their crowded audience who’s space ran all around the stage surrounding it. Vocalist James told the audience that they were glad to return to Vancouver, and so, they started to play.

I have never heard Temples, so I was nervous as to what to expect from them. Would I like them? Would their music be good? What’s so great about them? I didn’t know, but I calm myself and wait until my wait was over, and let me tell you: It was worth it.

From the beginning of their first note to the last, I found myself hypnotized by their psychedelic rock. I felt immersed in the music, the beats surrounded me making me feel  alone with the band and the music. Their songs were great and the vocals from James were perfect in each style of every song they played, and the audience responded back. We went nuts, we screamed and listen each song, and we delight in it every time.

As Temples kept playing, some guy started to smoke weed and he was busted, after the song was over, James paused the show and told the audience to please stop smoking that crap, which was affecting his singing, then he joked more about it. He even he said that his next song was, smoke weed every day. The audience laughed and the show continued.

As the show progressed, and I heard at each song they played, I started to like some songs more than other song like the main song Sun Structures that the album is named after for. Another one of my favourites includes Keep in the Dark, and A Question Isn’t Answered. But the one that I liked very much and that is not in their album is Ankh, which in my opinion sounds like an Irish song but I think that’s what make that song not only enjoyable and lovable, but freaking amazing.

James announced the next song and the band started to play it. Mesmerise was the longest song and the riffs, the guitars, the bass, the drums, everything started to vibrate creating airwaves of music that you could feel, and breath. They could make their guitars sings with them, you could feel it if you closed your eyes and listen and feel, it was fantastic. An hour had been gone by now and the audience never felt it thanks to the songs and band enthusiasm.

Suddenly as the last song ended, Temples thanked the audience quickly left the stage; the audience is confused, not knowing what was happening and assuming it was the rest before the encore.  But as some fans started to scream: “One more song! One more song!” The whole audience took up the call for one more song until the band came back on, and we cheered more than before, then they played their last song, Colours to Life until the show ended.

I was very happy to have seen Temples, I felt joy and tranquillity. The show was amazing and Temples give a superb performance and have passion and give it everything. Although they have only one album now, I will follow them after the Biltmore Cabaret show. I will be waiting for their next album too, to see how much they have grown and develop after I heard this neat band from Kettering, England.


After the show most of the audience went home, I stayed for a while and by my luck when I went to buy a vinyl from the band, I found Thomas Walmsley the bass player and he sign my vinyl cover and talked to me, after that, James Bagshaw, and Samuel Toms also sign my vinyl cover and talked a little with me. Sadly I couldn’t find Adam Smith, so I went home. They are nice and cool people that are nice to fans, so that also tells you how awesome they are.

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written by Diego Alberto Jimenez



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