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July 14, 2015

Citizens Unite – Blacksheep review

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The members of the new band, Citizens Unite, have united together to bring a different feel to the alternative music scene. They have definitely chosen to lead with strength, in the form of their debut single Blacksheep.

Former members of Default, Econoline Crush and Mushroom Trail have merged to bring an engaging mix of Hard Rock and Edgy Alternative, with hints of old Metal. The combination seems like a winner to me, but maybe that’s just because I’m a Blacksheep at heart.

Blacksheep is a powerful lead track, right from the opening hook – it’s memorable, relatable and almost mellow. Almost. Suddenly, an amazing guitar riff begins to speed through it. Next, an awesome, heavy bass line and drum like a cannon firing join in and beef up the sound. The speed that all of these artists play at really is remarkable to me, yet it’s easy to hear that Kai, Dave and Cam really know their stuff. They’re not just fast musicians, they’re talented as hell. When Paul’s alternately harmonic, angry and passionate voice is added to the power of the instruments, it makes for a formidable sonic weapon.

The video for Blacksheep is lean and stripped down, just what you’d expect from an independent band trying to make honest music. It appears to be shot in their rehearsal space and is a good introduction to the band. It’s mostly quick hits, trying to keep up with the song. Some shots appear to be “Breaking Bad” style; from the perspective of a moving object, as in Dave’s bass – very modern and cool. The black and white of the video plays ironically with the song’s title and helps maintain the feel of a band who isn’t trying to hide a lack of substance behind flash. Both song and video are the opposite of the vast majority of under-talented, over-produced so-called music that is played today.

I might just be a sucker for driving bass lines and machine gun drums. Or maybe it’s the anti-establishment theme and pissed off lyrics. Either way, I was singing it almost uncontrollably within two hours of first hearing it. I really hope the single is indicative of the upcoming EP and with the drive, talent and vision of these four surviving citizens, I have little doubt.

Check out their video below. Hit them up on their new website Citizens Unite and follow them on Facebook for the latest details and dates regarding said EP.


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