October 26, 2015

Here We Go Magic ‘Be Small’ review

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Here We Go Magic- Be Small
written by Cassy Popoff

After a three year hiatus, and a great amount of anticipation, Here We Go Magic has released their fourth full length LP. Titled “Be Small”, this 11 track album features hypnotic, stream-of-conscious rhythms with mellow loops and soothing harmonies.

Starting off the collection, they open with Stella– an upbeat, synth filled track that plays bubble-gum pink. The melodies burn bright while lead singer Lead Temple sings “who isn’t marked with their own failure, who isn’t dragged behind their mind?” Title track Be Small offers groovy bass lines, and a hummable chorus; transporting listeners back a few decades, and into a tranquil state of mind.

Candy Apple and Falling both bring dance worthy rhythms, again boasting a light hearted mood.

Wishing Well– a thirty second sample track- transitions the album into a slow ambient mood.

Ordinary Feeling is layered with dreamy textures and harmonious echoes; a song so thoughtfully put together and constructed, yet still inspiringly dreamy.

The record finishes off with Dancing World– a personal favorite. Temple’s synthesized vocals question life, and asks “do you suffer motion sickness getting out of bed?” Haunting chords and eerie hums give this song a memorably spooky atmosphere, and with the title Dancing World it makes for the perfect juxtaposition.

Overall, the album flows together beautifully. With a balance of happy go lucky synthesizers, vocals, and deep intellectual lyrics, Be Small is a well-crafted piece with a lot to offer.

Check out the band:

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written by Cassy Popoff



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