October 22, 2015

Triggerfinger By Absence of the Sun

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Triggerfinger – By Absence of the Sun
album review

For those of you craving something heavier in this seemingly pop soaked ‘modern rock’ age, Triggerfinger‘s newest offering is it. Recorded in Los Angeles and produced by Greg Gordon (Slayer, Nick Cave), By Absence of the Sun recently stole the #1 spot on Dutch and Belgium Album charts (Europe knows and loves their hard core rock!).

Starting the album is Game, a heavy, fuzzed out, head banging sort of 80’s tune that will have you breaking out your lighters and nodding in unison with the band. Perfect Match continues the harder edge sound with a pumped up bootie shaking melody and catchiness that will have you singing even though you dont know the words yet. Guitar solos (Ruben Block) bring back a vintage feel for those who have missed them (us!) and Blocks vocals are surprising clear and crisp for a heavier sounding tune, which ends with a bang!

Drummer Mario Goossens shines in the title track, By Absence of the Sun, which is oddly reminiscent of Billy Idol Rebel Yell in the first few lyric bars. Must be the way Block says ‘dear’ with a bit of a Billy-esque accent. A good hard driving tune, this is a perfect driving tune, dancing tune – its got movement and momentum. Big Hole has big fat bass lines that give it a good strong groove and makes you want to follow it to the end. Sonically darker /fuzzier lyrics lend to the blacker feel of this song in general . (see video below) Which also makes the next song, Off the Rack, seem lighter by comparison and a good switch up.

Black Panic is aptly named — both lyrics and music feel like a panic attack with spiritual overtones and references. There Isn’t Time is a somewhat generic sounding tune when compared to the rest of the album.

And There She Was, Lying in Wait gets back on track with intensity and showmanship of sound. A toe tapping hooky tune about a femme fatale. Splendor in the Grass is a guitar heavy monotone sort of song with little change up in the chorus but still has the ability to get the toe tapping and the hips moving.. think swaying (not dancing) in live shows.

And suddenly a ballad! Of sorts. Halfway There seems a little out of place on this album, but so glad hey chose to include it. Not quite a dirge, not quite a ballad, more of a nearly spoken word intonation (think Tea Party), with chimes and gongs and female backing vocals. Quite unique in the midst of the other songs.

Trail of Love and Master of all Fears are like listening to a completely different band.. not sure the addition of the last three songs was a good thing or not.. makes the album somewhat longer than it feels it ought to be, and the sound is so completely different than the preceding nine songs, it might have been an interesting choice to end the album at Splendor in the Grass. These have the feel of ‘bonus’ songs. At any rate, this is a great album to have in the collection for anyone that appreciates a little harder edge rock and roll.

Comprised of lead singer Ruben Block, bass player Monsieur Paul and drummer Mario Goossens, Triggerfinger have rocked out together since 1998. In support of this release, the group will join iconic Canadian band Big Sugar on tour this fall, and will be a good fit. The trio have toured dozens of countries and had the chance to open two shows for The Rolling Stones in Spring 2013, one at the TW Classic in Belgium and the other at Hyde Park in London.

Check out the band’s tour dates with Big Sugar including Vancouver and Kelowna dates HERE and on their social media sites:

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