November 5, 2015

Pigeon Park High to Get By gets by

pigeon park high to get by nightmair creative

“High to Get By” gets by….
written by Scotty Evil

The latest release from local rockers Pigeon Park off their 2015 EP “Stripes” does just that. It gets by. The lead-off track on this album I don’t feel is their strongest. I was looking for a catchy guitar hook, bass line, drums…but instead found a polished but generic song about smoking pot (a very Vancouver thing to do of course) and being broke.

I can see this getting local airplay. Perfect for CFOX Radio and their pro-pot DJ’s but beyond that? Can you dance to it? Maybe. Is it catchy? Not really. Are the lyrics deep? No, but in rock they don’t have to be…but I got nothing out of it. It was just okay. As a fan of Pigeon Park you can certainly spark one up and bang your head a little to it. But it’s not memorable.

And the GGarth Richardson production shows it’s Nickelback formula. A polished nickel.

Puff, puff, pass on this one. For stronger tracks, see “Walk Alone” or “Break Me”.

I’m rating this one 2/5
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