March 30, 2016

Wintersleep in Vancouver -are they 90’s Canadian Rock?

Wintersleep mike zimmer nightmair creative

It has been a long time since I felt that feeling I got from shows in the late 90s. Not that uber excited teenager feeling of just happy to be at a rock show. Its something else that Canadian rock had back then, and it can’t be found on Big Shiny Tunes.

The energy of Wintersleep live is similar to what I experienced back then, seeing bands like Moist, Our Lady Peace, and The Tea Party. Festivals like Edgefest, where I witnessed Courtney Love bare her breasts on stage and dare male audience members to come on stage so she could make out with them. That is if they were able to make it past security. Wintersleep would have fit right in. Well maybe an afternoon timeslot.

The thing I’m talking about, describing, is the sound, the crowds, the energy. Its something I feel that Monster Truck, Sheepdogs, and Wintersleep are waving the flag of, this generations era of Canadian rock.

Going into the Commodore on Friday night I really had no idea what I was getting myself into. I was expecting ironic hipsters in oversized glasses, and sweaters over collared shirts. Oh wait, that was the keyboard player. I guess that judgment came from the only song I recognized, ‘Weighty Ghost’, which I heard in a Molson commercial. But what I heard Friday night, felt like throw back Alt Rock with a hint of shoe gaze.

Some people have told me that I might like them. But right now I am still on the fence. I will have to check out their new album The Great Detachment and see if it sticks. All I know is it was a great time. I love when I get surprised like that.

– Mike Zimmer

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