April 15, 2016

Aaron Pritchett Dirt Road In Em a breath of fresh country air!

aaron pritchett dirt road in em nightmair creative

In this day and age of ‘bro country’ and formulaic country songs all using the same writer (and the same lyric and tune nearly), Canadian Country artist Aaron Pritchett’s Dirt Road In Em is a breath of fresh country air! This ain’t no tailgate pickup truck song… think city slicker meets country cowboy and it rubs off in the best way possible.. everyone indeed has a little dirt road, down-to-earthedness in them.

The song is catchy as hell, and the video is a hoot! Pritchett, resplendent in 3 piece suit, plays a bit of the class clown as the camera pans down to his heart splattered boxer shorts!  Cameos by Canucks Cliff Ronning, Love it or List it Vancouver’s Todd Talbot, Pritchett’s singer/songwriter son Jordan Pritchett and a host of other special guests and friends increase the down home fun quality to the video. From champagne to goats, from concrete jungle to wide open spaces, “no matter where you come from, you know you got some ‘down home’ muddy water running through your veins, might be a big old world, but we’re all the same, Everybody’s got a dirt road in em.” 

And Aaron, as much as you clean up nice, the checkered shirt and cowboy hat you steal back from Pritchett Jr will always be your best look 🙂

Check out Dirt Road In Em below, catch it on your local country station, and tune in to your local stations as Pritchett heads across Canada for the next 2 weeks on a radio tour. Catch that info on his official Facebook Page. And pass the fried chicken!

we give this song and video 4.5/5

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