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April 20, 2016

Kenton Slash Demon ‘TT’ video visually stunning

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We don’t often cover electronic/dance music but this video and group crossed our desk a weak or so ago and we felt so enlivened by it we wanted to share!

For those unfamiliar with Kenton Slash Demon, they’ve been called ‘one of the most promising new talents out of Denmark ( Kenton Slash Demon is drummer Silas Moldenhawer and synth/vocalist Jonas Kenton (both from Danish electro pop group When Saints Go Machine) and the video is a stunning display of what can be created when musicians and artists collaborate to the common good.

About the video!

Kenton Slash Demon invited Copenhagen fans to experience The Twilight Communion– a multidimensional experience combining music, architecture, scenography, design and art. The event was held in the former St. Nicholas Church, one of the city’s most conspicuous landmarks that also houses The Nikolaj Contemporary Art Centre.

Using a 60 minute musical journey, Kenton Slash Demon, and long-term visual collaborators Dark Matters, built an immersive space of light and color for the audience to move throughout the church. The video footage was digitally processed by Spektrum, and captures humans and music melting into each other creating a story around the music and pushing the boundaries of music videos as an art form.

We aimed to create this twilight zone through heavy light and smoke to obliterate the notion of a normal concert room. This also enhanced the feeling of a complete sensorial take-over with the audience and melt the boundaries between music and the physical space,” says Lasse Anderson of Dark Matters.

The project was made possible by the support of Prxjects – Music Made Visual, a culture lab with the goal of supporting artists in ambitious experiments driven by artistic vision.

“The idea is to let the viewer explore this unison universe in the limbo between reality and animation. Only the imagination of the viewer sets the limit of interpreting the moving bodies into new visual appearances and figures,” says Gustav Risager of Spektrum.

Think they nailed it! Loved this sound/vision so much, went and purchased the 2 song EP (which includes the song ‘Dok’ as well as ‘TT’). Check out the video below, and links for the duo as well as iTunes purchase.

Kenton Slash Demon online:

Purchase ‘TT’/’DOK’

video for ‘TT’

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