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May 3, 2016

Aaron Pritchett confirms TWO shows opening for Garth Brooks

If you read our news the other day (here) you’ll already be familiar with the story of how Garth Brooks asked Canadian country artist Aaron Pritchett, live on air at Big Dog Radio 92.7 Regina, to open for his Saskatoon ‘shows’. A speechless Pritchett managed to blurt out a ‘yes’ and the rest is history. The story has even been picked up by such notables as Huffington Post, The Province Newspaper and!

This morning Pritchett confirmed via telephone conversation with Big Dog’s Mike McGuire and Kyla Brossart that he’s been asked to open TWO shows for Brooks; Thursday June 9, and Sunday June 12. As Pritchett put it (via his Facebook page),

I just got confirmation that I will, OFFICIALLY, be opening show for GARTH BROOKS on THURSDAY, June 9th and SUNDAY, June 12th in Saskatoon, SK!!!!!!” 

Pritchett went on to write,

I’m overjoyed and overcome with emotion as I write this knowing I get to actually live a dream that I had at 22. Thank you to Garth himself for taking a risk on someone he knew nothing about, evidently. Only because he said he “just felt something about this guy and I was connected” that he felt compelled to ask me to open these shows. What he didn’t know is how he just changed my life in such a great way. To Garth, I am grateful.”

Brooks is scheduled to play 6 shows in 4 days with doing 2 shows a day for two of those days. Tickets went fast, which is why Brooks’ team were able to keep adding shows. Limited tickets for all six shows are still available. They are priced at $79.98 with an eight-ticket limit and are available here.

Check out Aaron Pritchett and Mike McGuire audio interview below*

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*courtesy Big Dog Radio 92.7 Regina



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