May 1, 2016

And then there was BLEACHED!

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Okay, let’s get all the negative stuff out of the way first. For one thing, the website said the show would start at 9 but didn’t until about 9:30, as well… wait… that’s all I had for negatives? Well alright!

I will admit I was slightly hesitant about seeing a band with the moniker No Parents. I’m in my mid 20’s and, while less than a decade ago I’m sure such a name would’ve excited me, I sensed a personal pessimism towards them. I did my best to push that aside and am I ever glad that I got over it, because No Parents were a treat. Their level of musicianship hit higher than the preconceived bar I had in my mind, with energetic and charismatic front-man Zoe Reign being a pleasure to watch perform. The way this guy moves in front of an audience is enough for me to want to see them again. Like a punk rock Jack Black if there ever was one.

On the downside, their lyrical content didn’t overly appeal to me – I recall something about a “Dick Surfer” and, correct me if I’m wrong but, masturbating in a KFC? That said, they do have mostly engaging, sometimes catchy tunes that left me glad I caught the act. A song I will be seeking out from No Parents is a memorable one entitled “Monkey On My Back” which is currently unreleased and reminds me of early Sum 41. Ah, those were the days.

And then there was Bleached!

Is it possible for every person in the room to simultaneously fall in love at the same time? That’s what it felt like when Bleached front women Jennifer and Jessica Clavin (sisters, wouldn’t you know!), Micayla Grace (no relation), and drummer Nick Pillot (also no relation), took to the stage and started filling the audience’s ears with the catchy chant of “Trying To Lose Myself Again,” the second cut off their newest release, Welcome The Worms. The accommodating dance floor quickly filled with eager fans, either shuffling to get closer to the stage or spreading out to get their dance on. I apologize for using the phrase “get their dance on.”

The show in it’s entirety didn’t seem very long, and when Bleached announced their set was coming to a close there came a definite despondency that spread out over the crowd, one that quickly broke when they launched into their final song, which appeased us. And while there was no encore (is that still a thing that bands do?), I left satisfied and triumphantly embracing the newest addition to my vinyl collection, Welcome The Worms. The record is a limited edition, half-cream, half-black pressing, with a digital download and poster featuring Jennifer, Jessica, and Micayla, same as the cover art. I would be interested in knowing where Nick was during this.

To sum it all up: Go see these bands. Go see No Parents and definitely go see Bleached. Both are entertaining in their own ways and are similar enough to tour together, but different enough to keep things interesting.

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written by Vaughn Oliver



  1. Matt Anderson

    Good review – 10/10, would review again.

  2. Josh Boser

    GREAT review – 11/10, would review again

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