July 21, 2016

Brian Wright Secures Classic Rock, Alt-Country and More

Brian Wright secures classic rock, alt-country, and more with The SneakUps
written by Vaughn Oliver

Looking for a dash of the “good-old-days”? The music that you hear many folks say “just isn’t the same” these days? Granted, it is hard to locate here in the 21st century, when it’s not topping billboards and making covers of magazines, but it’s still there. You just have to look for it. And Brian Wright’s talent for capturing the styles of those late-greats and reproducing them into something fresh makes it just that much easier to find.

Brian Wright’s The SneakUps uses simplistic lyricism and songwriting, accompanied by powerful guitar playing, to encapsulate a classic style and remind us what made that kind of music so enticing. It’s fun, it’s enormous, but also caring and personal. Tracks like “Lee Harvey Oswald” and “Holy Moses” have a driving, forward momentum that can’t be slowed down, similarly with Brian’s rendition of ZZ Tops‘ “Got Me Under Pressure”, which feels heavier but lacks the stylistic rhythm that the original had. Good effort though. ‘A’ for effort, ‘B’ for production.

Fancy a dance? Second-cut “Crybaby” will have you up and moving in no time. It sounds like a lost Beatles song, if they had dabbled with heavier styles, or perhaps if they teamed up with The Rolling Stones. And if slower tunes are your bag, Mr. Wright has you covered with “Goldmine” – a classic story about the love of a miner, with a slower tempo, a beautiful piano, soft guitars, and lovely singing. As well, the final track, “Money Mouth” strips down to the basics, just a man and his guitar, and it’s a well-done, soft, ending to The SneakUps.

Don’t fret about the classics anymore. If Brian Wright is any indication, the musical stylings some believe to be lost are alive and well.

You can find Brian Wright on his Website
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And check out his newest release The SneakUps at Bandcamp and check out his video for The Good Dr. below

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written by Vaughn Oliver



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