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July 1, 2016

Sam Roberts Band New Music Coming If You Want It

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Straight from the horse’s mouth aka @SamRobertsBand and @PaperbagRecords on Twitter, this tidbit of info today:

Sam Roberts Band fans, you’re gonna want to tune in! Strobe Show, Saturday July 2nd at 2pm EST and Sunday, July 3rd at 12am EST

If you’ve been keeping track of Sam Roberts Band in the last month or so, you’ll know that there is a new album coming (yay!) and SRB have been sending out teasers via their Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts throughout the recording sessions. A new video is also in the works complete with green screen shots of this guy, giving us a dizzying view of Sam in the video and whom the band calls ‘the hardest working guy today’.

The album was recorded at The Tragically Hip’s Bathouse studio this past March with the band spending the entire month there, old school recording under one roof, and is in final production right now.   Says Sam, “I think a lot of bands don’t want to be closeted away together under one roof. They want to go in and do their individual sessions, and those are bands that are more made up of individuals. Our band is certainly a collective, and I think we enjoy spending that kind of time together and having the recording experience being defined as one that we lived through together. I guess we believe in some way that the music that’s created is sort of a reflection of that experience and it comes across in the songs created at that time.”

No word yet on a firm date for album release, but sometime ‘this fall’ is the word from the SRB camp.. and the songs most definitely will be road tested with the die hard fans at upcoming shows – including the new Single debuted on Strombo tomorrow night, called If You Want It.

AND Sam Roberts Band is also playing a FREE show July 8 at Sun Peaks in Kamloops (going!)  We’ll for sure have pics and a write up from that show. Stay tuned! And in the mean time here’s a sneak peek of If You Want It (full track available at

"If You Want It", the new single from Sam Roberts Band. Full track at #SRBLP6

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