July 4, 2016

Trust Fund – We Have Always Lived in the Harolds

We have always lived in The Harolds nightmair creative

Trust Fund’s newest release mixes melancholy with triumphant melodies
written by Vaughn Oliver

Trust Fund is the creative output of one Ellis Jones, a Bristol-based songwriter who titles the members of his band as “loads of people,” and writes his biography as “never happier than i’ve been before”. That, combined with the description of “slow jams” and “pop”, gives you a fair insight into what to expect from his newest release, We have always lived in The Harolds. Henceforth being referred to as “…The Harolds” in this write-up, otherwise my word count is going to be unpalatable.

Trust Fund is mainly a DIY outfit which keeps it simple and bare bones in this release, which is not to say these songs are shallow or undeserving of praise, quite the opposite. …The Harolds finds solace in the melancholy, with feelings of sadness sprinkled on top of almost triumphant melodies. The second cut, “Would that be an adventure?”, starts with a droning organ and very creatively auto-tuned vocals, slowly fades into a bouncy, upbeat piano section, and switches between the two in very interesting fashion.

The first three tracks ease you into the sound Trust Fund is going for. A slower, perhaps moodier, style is portrayed. Once you begin to get comfortable with the known, the track “Together” opens up with an assuring “here we go” and breaks into new ground. A beat you can’t help but sway to, and vocal melodies you can’t help but hum. “Crab line” continues the trend and is a delightful piece, and my personal favourite from the album. Catchy with simplistic lyrics that are deep yet very understandable upon first listen.

What follows is a selection of slower songs, similar to the first few introductory ones, and the album concludes with what I like to describe as a lullaby. Soft and soothing, …The Harolds fades the listener back into the world where it found them, and whether it leaves you with a couple new favourite songs, or a deeper introspective, it definitely remains with you. I have not yet listened to Trust Fund’s back catalog but I am sure to find a wide range of interesting music, which I will be sharing along the way.

Check out Trust Funds new album on BandCamp and find the band:

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written by Vaughn Oliver



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