August 9, 2016

Bleached Plays Hard and for Keeps on Late Night TV

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Bleached plays hard and for keeps on Late Night TV
written by Vaughn Oliver

Is there anything better than a strong female-fronted punk-rock group just killing it on-stage? No, no there isn’t.

Bleached, my favourite Los Angeles-based act as of late, were recently featured on Seth Meyers’ Late Night Show and, as always, they were simply stunning. The band, winding up for a fall tour in support of their newest full length release, Welcome the Worms, are an image of pure punk-rock, with great taste in music and fashion. Seriously, I love each of their respective outfits and instruments.

The group performed “Wednesday Night Melody”, one of the catchiest singles to come from Welcome the Worms, and they played it hard. Sisters Jennifer and Jessica Clavin didn’t hold anything back, most noticeably in the breakdown/solo section, and bassist Micayla Grace was full of groove from start to finish.

These women definitely need a bigger stage to jump around on.

Check out Bleached‘s upcoming tour dates here, read about their latest album Welcome the Worms HERE, and find out why you have to see them live HERE.

Check out Bleached performance below

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written by Vaughn Oliver



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