August 30, 2016

Cub Sport ‘Dreamy Ethereal’ – Independent Weekly

Cub Sport - This Is Our Vice nightmair creative

Cub Sport ‘This is our Vice’ – Dreamy Ethereal
Independent Weekly by Vaughn Oliver

Dentistry or Dream Pop? That might seem like a strange question, but it was one that frontman Tim Nelson was faced with not too long ago. With support from his parents and friends, he chose the path less travelled and, after un-enrolling from dentistry school, focused fully on music. And we’re all better off for it. Not to say this is a one-man band, in fact Cub Sport is a three-man and one-woman band, with guitars, basses, keys, drums, and vocals aplenty! Oh god, the vocals. Hailing from Brisbane, Australia, this group is currently on the rise – and it’s not hard to see why.

This Is Our Vice, Cub Sport‘s first full length studio album released early 2016, is a collection of dreamy, ethereal, yet dancy and clappy songs that are beautiful and sometimes haunting. The hooks featured on ‘Come On Mess Me Up’ and ‘Only Friend’ are so addictive you’ll find yourself belting them out, occasionally at inappropriate times; supermarket lines, the library, in bed once or twice (I speak from experience). But they’re not overdone, which makes this album so easy to play over and over again.

Tim Nelson stated that, compared to their earlier work, “Candy-wise, This Is Our Vice is actually less sugary,” and I think that is a statement of growth. This album leaves impressions, with simple themes of friendship, relationships, and life, it’s ambiguous enough that anyone can relate – yet with a complexity that leaves one with a sense of incompleteness. Like you don’t know the whole story, so you flip the vinyl around and have another go.

Oh, and it’s a really cool pink vinyl, with very interesting artwork by Angela Deane  Just… wanted to let you know.

I was lucky enough to catch these international musicians on their North American tour, and while the venue was on the smaller side, the atmosphere and stage presence more than made up for it. I hope to see and catch up with Cub Sport again sooner rather than later, maybe in their home country this time – Next stop, Australia!

Go give Cub Sport your affection on Facebook Facebook and  Twitter and check out their music video for ‘Come On Mess Me Up’ below!

Oh and if you like dogs, check out their Snapchat (@cubsport) for 2 of the cutest pups you ever did see – the band as well, sometimes.

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