August 16, 2016

Dallas Smith One Little Kiss

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One Little Kiss is the newest offering of Canadian country artist Dallas Smith and much like his other songs, is catchy, hook laden and holds a touch of rock influence that harken’s back to Smith’s early days as frontman for multi-award winning rock band Default.

The video opens with the shot of a man standing on the edge of a cliff facing a woman, and you just know immediately (given the song lyrics) that something is not going to end well: “one little kiss never killed nobody.. but me“…  yup..  and so it goes. The guy in the story line is flashing back to his relationship with the woman, wallowing in his own misery of her being gone. One night stand? Relationship gone sour? Not clear but it doesn’t matter to the story line.. he needs her, he’s hooked on her but she’s out of reach and he’s having second thoughts, “wish I would have never listened when you whispered in my ear, last night, when you said baby it’s all right.”

Dallas Smith has done it again with another catchy tune, relatable lyrics, and that crisp clear killer vocals he is becoming best known for in the Canadian country circle (and beyond). This tune is the second single off his upcoming album, as yet untitled (or unknown title to the public so far), the first being Kids with Cars. Enjoy this one (below) while we’re all waiting for the album drop!

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