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August 30, 2016

Dallas Smith set to release Side Effects Sept 2!

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For anyone that follows Canadian country singer Dallas Smith on Twitter you’ve seen, and listened to, some of Smith’s new tunes already!

Smith’s album will be released as we said, Sept. 2, and CMT Canada has already taped Smith and his band performing the album in its entirety, which will air September 1 at 6pm PST on CMT. If the first two singles, Kids with Cars and One Little Kiss are any indication as to how good the rest of the album is, and how well it will do with fans and radio alike.. we’re in for another winner.

Track listing for the upcoming album:

Only One You
Side Effects
Sky Stays this Blue
Tab with my Name on It
Kids with Cars
Hoods and Tailgates
One Little Kiss
I’m Already Gone
Sleeping Around
12 Pack Soundtrack

For those not following (yet), here’s a snippet of the title track, Side Effects.. give it a listen.

For those who want it NOW head to iTunes, for those who want the cd in their hot little hands like us.. its a short wait and available at usual outlets!

Check out Smith and band singing Tab with my Name on It for CMT below and check out Smith on social:


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