August 9, 2016

Elizabeth’s Death to Rebels! is upbeat and hard hitting

Elizabeth - Death to Rebels! nightmair creative independent weekly

Elizabeth’s Death To Rebels! is upbeat and hard hitting!
Written by Vaughn Oliver

There are two types of songs out there; ones that you can’t wait to finish, and ones that you can’t wait to listen to again. And Elizabeth‘s Death to Rebels! is filled with the latter. With so many driving bass lines and drum beats with such ecstatic forward momentum, this release has the ability to energize the most lethargic individuals. Unwilling to compromise between a harder punk sound and an earlier rock-pop-hook style, or simply too defiant to fall into a genre, Elizabeth preferably mixes the two, and does it energetically and quite well.

This Vancouver-based group’s raw-powered debut album First Excommunications was released nearly a decade ago in 2007, and it is incredible to see that this group has maintained such high energy levels, and was able to keep it interesting across all those years. With strong lyrical messages accompanied by powerful upbeat tracks, Elizabeth can appeal to a wide audience, even to those who don’t listen to music for their lyrical content.

Death to Rebels! still has that raw, unadulterated feeling that the band had in it’s early days, but with a lot of subtle production added in. The extra pads, layering and overdubs are used very well to add substance to an already hefty sound. I can only imagine this is an attempt to emulate the band’s live show which is said to have a “take-no prisoners” essence. I’m not sure what that is supposed to mean – but I want to find out. Lucky for us, Elizabeth doesn’t show signs of slowing down anytime soon, so there should be plenty of chances to be enthralled by their live sound in the upcoming days.

Death to Rebels! is an upbeat, masterfully crafted, collection of hard-hitting tracks you should listen to. Look, I’ll even give you links so you are only 1 click away from it! Go listen to it here! And check out the band’s website here. You shan’t be disappointed.

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written by Vaughn Oliver



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