August 3, 2016

Hell Yeah – in loving memory I Don’t Care Anymore

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In Loving Memory… Hell Yeah I Don’t Care Anymore
written by Christine Bennett

When Hell Yeah was first mentioned to me, I had no clue who they were until after a very beautiful video cover of Phil Collins’, ‘I Don’t Care Anymore’ was put together in honor of Dimebag Darrell. In 2004, the former Pantera guitarist was shot and killed by 25-year-old, Nathan Gale, a former marine who was obsessed with heavy metal. Pantera was formed back in 1981 by Abbott along with his brother, Vinnie Paul. Pantera gained commercial success with their 1990 album, ‘Cowboys from Hell’. Now, Hell Yeah has come together with former Mudvayne vocalist, Chad Gray, Tom Maxwell, Kyle Sanders, Christian Brady, and finally former Pantera drummer, Vinnie Paul.

Let’s break this down on why overall the video was well put together, starting with Abbott’s brother, Vinnie Paul. If one takes away the vocals, the guitar, and bass, one can see the deep emotion felt in the pounding of those drums. If one can imagine the deep tragic emotion from losing a loved one, that would be Vinnie Paul. Hearing the hard pounding on those drums alone triggers some emotion right there. In addition, it could be anger or possibly sadness behind that rage. In the end, after losing his brother, Paul must have held those those emotions in for so long until now, he’s opened up and letting it out through music.

Second, let’s move on to the vocalist, Chad Gray. If one examines the video closely, there is a small section where it looks like Gray is about to cry while singing the lyrics. As I sat down and watched this video, one can really see in his voice on how emotional and expressive he is. If one takes away his voice for a moment, notice in his eyes on how much deep emotion is filled in them. Finally, adding the voice along with his hand gestures, puts it all together.

Overall out of 10, I’d give it a 9 because it’s a nice dedication to Dimbag alone, and the video even added some flashback scenes of Dimebag shredding on the guitar the same time the guitar is playing which makes it look realistic. Moreover, it’s in black and white which makes the throwback videos more memorable. Moreover, like I explained above, there’s that sense of tragic emotion coming from both Chad Gray and Vinnie Paul. I highly recommend watching this video, especially for Pantera fans all over. It’s a beautiful cover.

Check it out below:

Find out more about Hell Yeah and their new album, ‘Undeniable’.

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written by Christine Bennett


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  1. Sommer

    Not just a tribute to Dimebag, but actual recordings of him playing this song were worked into the recording. Great song. Great video.

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