August 2, 2016

Pup The Dream is Over – Independent Weekly review

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Pop Punk With A Grunge Feel, PUP Delivers
written by Vaughn Oliver

Artists change. It’s something we as consumers of art must face with every new release. For better or for worse, it happens. Sometimes the changes are not drastic but still apparent, as with PUP‘s newest release, The Dream Is Over.

After a very successful self-titled release in 2014, a healthy tour life, and much critical acclaim, PUP spent the latter part of 2015 in the studio diligently working on their sophomore release. While 2014’s PUP has elements from pop-punk/math-rock influences, it seems that the more intricate and complex parts were left out of this newest release, replaced with more of a grunge sound. Not to say it’s not as good, but it’s not what I have come to enjoy from the band.

The first two tracks, “If This Tour Doesn’t Kill You, I Will,” and “DVP,” kick off this album in great fashion. The former being a hilarious look into the touring life with some very comical lyrics, and the latter being a very upbeat, enjoyable, if not lyrically depressing, track. I did hope more of the tracks were similar to these, but a lot of the lyrics simply fall short after these two.

Many of the songs aren’t very memorable and just don’t seem to stick in one’s mind. They’re very catchy, but don’t leave an overly long-lasting impression. The use of uncommon time signatures is a staple I latched onto with the previous release, but seems to be less present here. As well, the interesting guitar melodies seem fewer and when they do appear they are much less enjoyable than before.

This release is darker, angrier, and while it is different from 2014’s PUP, it is still PUP. With mostly guitar and drum driven songs, you know what to expect from these guys; head bobbing galore, dance-like Pop-Punk keeps things fun and entertaining.

PUP is playing The Cobalt in Vancouver on November 21st, and I can’t wait to rock out with this group.

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Written by Vaughn Oliver



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