August 31, 2016

Sixx Am Prayers for the Damned lyrics video review

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Sixx Am just released Prayers for the Damned lyrics video and its a killer. Drawn in black and white cartoon, the opening shot shows a bomb falling toward the damned, subsequent explosion, aftermath of broken cities and bodies and a rat who becomes the video’s central character, letting all the others out of their cages (like rats in a cage). Nods to world events follow with a definite Trump and Hilary, Paris attacks/Eiffel Tower, animal testing, protests/clashes .. but all is not hopeless and bleak. The rats rebuild, band together, but then in a twist at the end, nearly perpetuate the same destruction until one individual steps up and says ‘enough’.

Full of metaphors, the video suits the lyrics really well. One of the best lyrics videos we’ve seen in quite some time. As for the song? Love it. Love that Sixx Am can take such a heavy subject and add Hope to it.. that they can instil a positive message in their songs, that those of us looking for spiritual references will find them (“take my hand and I’ll reach up to God“) and those who wish to enjoy the song on a different level can do just that. No preaching, just gentle nudging to make one think, and perhaps be the one to step up and say ‘enough’.

Check out Prayers for the Damned lyrics video below:

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