September 26, 2016

Bitter’s Kiss – Relatable, Meaningful Music -Independent Weekly

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Bitter’s Kiss – Relatable, Meaningful Music
written by Vaughn Oliver – Independent Weekly

Music with a message is most important. There are, of course, different ways to get a message across; through melody, lyrics, timbre, style, etc. Bitter’s Kiss‘ newest release, “My God”, hits some of these nails right on the head, while others are sadly missed.

New Jersey’s Chloe Baker is an up-and-coming, no doubt talented, singer-songwriter with a passion for making relatable, meaningful music and a huge potential for wide success. Her bright, cut through vocal is consistently heard alongside soft accompaniment, which creates a pleasurable listening experience – upon first introduction one is reminded of Regina Spektor, although Chloe clearly has her own style. She has donned the title Bitter’s Kiss, a moniker which symbolizes the good, as well as the bad, a.k.a. bittersweet. A feeling which she explores more often than not in her lyrical style.

Bitter’s Kiss newest creative contribution comes in the form of “My God”, a track which attempts to display, says Chloe, “the irony in religious conflict”. It’s catchy, it’s very pretty, but I can’t help feel that it’s lacking lyrical tenacity. Some might call it simple, and there’s not a single thing wrong with that – but it lacks a punch that one would expect from such a heavy subject. It’s more of an examination of state rather than an exploration of ideas. The closest she comes to an objective statement is when she touts everyone’s ‘better’ God is, in fact, “all the same God”.

Veering away from what I thought could be improved, the production on this track is well deserving of praise. Chloe’s voice is as clear and recognizable as ever, and the bouncy, optimistic backing track is polished and punchy. I particularly enjoyed the breakdown about halfway through, which gradually builds back up before being released into the hook. A score of guitars, a horn or two, and a walking bass make this an interesting track with enough identity to keep one entertained.

Bitter’s Kiss -keep writing, keep performing, keep dreaming those big dreams and take a stance, fight for what you believe in. An interesting track with enough identity to keep one entertained.

You can find Bitter’s Kiss on her Facebook, Soundcloud, and watch the music video for “My God” below.

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written by Vaughn Oliver



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