September 14, 2016

Royal Wood brings Ghost Light to small town Canada


Royal Wood is a true muso. A man driven to create in whatever capacity he’s able to express himself in.. and he never seems to stop touring!

Wood’s newest album, ‘Ghost Light’ was released a few months ago in Canada, and is being re-released in the US and Europe in a few short weeks – so Wood is on the road again with stops in Vancouver, Victoria, Kamloops, Vernon,  St Albert and many other small town Canadian cities and towns before heading to Europe in 2017 with only a few weeks off in-between! Tough tour schedule but the consummate performer/singer/songwriter seems to have boundless energy; in fact on his last short time off between tour dates, he spent time in Nashville writing for other artists. How does he find the time and energy?

I don’t own a tv,” says Wood. “Actually I haven’t owned a tv in years, haven’t been to a movie since I was a teen with my family. I would rather be writing, creating, cooking!”

Wood is also a true believer in exercise not only to stay in shape but to increase energies and get rid of stale thoughts in the brain.

“I’m an avid runner,” he says. “I get some of my best ideas for writing and other things, when I run. I run a lot when I’m on the road especially (on tour). Helps me keep things in perspective and boosts my energy levels to perform that night.” 

“I also do a lot of reading; philosophy, religion, fiction, world events. I love learning things, and always have a book of some sort in my pocket or bag when I’m on the road.. it helps relive the long hours, and keeps the brain engaged.” he says laughing. 

Laughing is something that comes easier to Royal these days. Having been through a divorce not that long ago, he takes himself a lot less seriously than when we first spoke to him nearly 5 years ago (where did the time go!) He’s working harder but enjoying life in the process.. even taking time out to attend his first Radiohead show.. how was it? “Incredible!” And his secret to life? “Force your mind to be engaged, force it to grow, and you’ll be a lot better for it.”  

Wood is eager to get on the road and share his music with the people – you can catch him in Vancouver Friday Sept 16 at the Fox Cabaret, and in Vernon, BC Wednesday Sept. 21 at the Performing Arts Theatre.  Tickets are $25 for either venue.

For a complete list of Royal’s tour dates, check his Website. And check out Long Way Out below.



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