October 17, 2016

Galapaghost for the Rainy Season – I Never Arrived

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Bring on the Rainy Season, I’ve got Galapaghost
Independent Weekly written by Vaughn Oliver

New York’s Casey Chandler has been releasing music under the title of Galapaghost for quite a few years, but his newest release is remarkably unique; written in Brussels and recorded in Torino, Italy, I Never Arrived has a distinct foreign flavor mixed with traditional folk/americana. If you listened to his previous releases you may have been disappointed to hear that, while they were of good sound quality and excellent production, many of the songs didn’t have much lasting appeal – Hey, it’s something that all songwriters have to deal with. Luckily, this latest release shows that Galapaghost is able to learn and grow.

Opening with a strong acoustic riff, first track “Mazes in the Sky” instantly puts the listener in an almost trance-like state of relaxation. Featuring gorgeous harmonies and a beautiful chorus, this starter sets the mood for the rest of the album very early on. Other notable tracks include “Science of Lovers” and “The Secrets Our Body Keeps”, the latter being a very up-tempo, drum driven departure from the other works. And special note to “The Greatest Roommate”, which, coincidentally, outlines a terrible roommate. It’s a serious gem.

Galapaghost‘s third and latest release, I Never Arrived, is far and away the best of the trio – It is truly a sign of growth from a previously fledgling artist. A yearning for greatness, a lack of self-confidence, a longing for companionship; simple ideas are thoroughly examined, interpreted, and explained within this 45 minute LP. The soft vocals, steadfast guitar melodies, and true-to-reality lyrical content fills a void. It is a light in the dark. Or simply a comfort on a sad, dreary day.

So again, bring on the rainy season, I’ve got Galapaghost to help me through. A light in the dark. Or simply a comfort on a sad, dreary day.

Purchase I Never Arrived HERE for a mere $5. or stream it HERE.

Check out Lover video

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