October 13, 2016

Green Day new lyric video Ordinary World lives up to its title

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New Green Day lyric video “Ordinary World” lives up to it’s title
written by Scotty Evil

Green Day has released a new lyric video from their freshly released studio album, Revolution Radio. The single shares the same title as Billie Joe Armstrong’s new comedy flick, “Ordinary World”, set to be released TOMORROW, October 14th.

The good news though, is the movie looks far more angst-ridden than this song does.

The song itself however, is just… ordinary. It’s lovely and acoustic, but it’s been done. In fact, the biggest thing that bugged me about this song, is that I had heard this chord progression before. For comparison musically, have a quick listen to “Just to See You Smile” by Tim McGraw. See?

Pass on the song. I did.

You can get the movie on iTunes tomorrow.

Billie Joe Armstrong has turned into his character in the movie. Art imitates… oh never mind.

Check out Green Day on

Green Day Ordinary World Video

Tim McGraw Just To See You Smile video

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