January 17, 2017

Green Day Troubled Times video released on Martin Luther King Day

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When all hope of politically active rock bands seemed to have disappeared over the last few years, it seems all it took was Donald Trump to rise to the ultimate position of power and exposure to bring the rock and roll world back to doing what they do best – being a commentary and watchdog of the downtrodden and underdogs – so we present to you Green Day with their newest video/song Troubled Times.

Questioning why history has to repeat and why we don’t seem to learn the lessons the first time around, the video is a stark commentary on what is going on in the political bubble of the USA right now. Released to Youtube on Martin Luther King day its most definitely a backlash to the President Elect’s lack of respect and tact for Civil Rights activist and Presidential Medal of Freedom recipient John Lewis.

But its also a generalization about the state of the rest of the world in regards to war, refugees and overall lack of compassion and love… take it as doom and gloom or take it as a wake up call to improve your own bubble and circle – the choice is yours. We choose to take it as both.

Check out the official Green Day Troubled Times video below.

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