February 20, 2017

Matt Good Band at the Commodore show review

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Local concert-goers snapped up tickets for 3 sold-out shows at the Commodore this weekend to see Matthew Good take them on a trip back to 1999. Judging from the excited crowd on the first night, they were not to be disappointed.

A pleasant surprise was opener Craig Stickland. “It’s two words, stick, land…” he explained between songs, to clarify misspellings of his name. Armed with an acoustic and a loop pedal, his set was infectious. Interesting to note this model/actor/musician was born in Richmond, BC.

By the time he was done, the room was clearly full. The lights went down and after a lengthy audio intro, Matt Good and band exploded onto the stage with “Giant”, the opener from his concept album, Beautiful Midnight. They went on to perform the whole thing, track for track, and the audience hung on every note.

This was a solid show for Matt Good fans of any degree. Guitarist Stuart Cameron provided a great rock dynamic as well. The sound mix was superb. Perfect night.

Check out the photos:

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