April 3, 2017

Bleached Can You Deal — yes its real

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Bleached Can You Deal — yes its real
written by Vaughn Oliver

Bleached! I simply cannot get over this group, and why should I have to? They’ve always been a super energetic and high-octane listen, delivering a grandiose collection of infectious pop punk and shining an ugly-but-true spotlight on many issues, both personal and collective. Thankfully that hasn’t changed with their latest EP, Can You Deal?, and the topics it discusses.

The beauty of this group is the grunge-like intensity paired with catchy melodies. Right out of the gate, Can You Deal? is a powerful display of raw energy, the title track blasting forward, setting strong precedent for the rest of the album to build upon. Full of passion, the vocal delivery is emotional and almost tired. Tired of repeating itself over and over, “Yes I’m a girl, and I play in a band/Can you deal?”. But, because some people just can’t, it has to be repeated lest it be silenced. Although I have a feeling these rockers won’t be silenced any time soon.

The album continues with groovy track “Flipside”, a chill tune with scratching guitars and a beating tambourine, shaking its way through an uplifting chorus. This one reminds me of a younger Bleached, of California surf and sunny days. A sense of hope for brighter days and an out to the rut and monotony of life, it feels like an invitation to join in on a deeper connection and uncovering more personal stories, such as a B-side from your favorite artist. As well the breakdown, “I’m a basket case/with a warm embrace”, makes a dark and quick appearance in an otherwise light-hearted piece which goes hand in hand with the varied emotional state of humans. From crazy to loving and back, we all have different parts that make up our psyche.

The less than 20 minute run time on this EP is impressive with the amount that’s been jam packed to pleasure our earholes, and to hopefully get a point through to the listener of the struggle many artists face on a day to day basis. Sexism, inequality, rude and disgusting comments. Things that a lot of us may take for granted because we’re lucky enough not to be in a firing zone. Again, these artists shines a light on the truth, no matter the issue. If it’s troubling and should be spoken about, Bleached will be there, writing a kickass song, voices belting in unison.

All in all, a strong 3rd release from my current favorite punk group. I love everything this band stands for, Jennifer’s fierceness, Jessica’s passion, the ambitious displays shown by all of Bleached and all who support them. The listening of this EP pairs nicely with a small zine of the same name, Can You Deal?, released alongside it. It serves almost as a manifesto to unite those against the stigma of gender in music, a collection of essays, quotes, poems and more, by numerous females who have a strong sense of justice and a cause worth shouting and fighting for. I highly recommend picking up both of these works, as one rocks and the other is deeply insightful, both filled with the heart and soul of a group of people whom have historically been shunned or ostracized. This cannot continue if we wish to live in a togethered world. Luckily we have passionate fighters on the frontline of punk, rock, and all music.

It is 2017, Can You Deal Yet?

Check out Bleached Can You Deal video below

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written by Vaughn Oliver



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